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Check-in to a convention and only match with other convention-goers.


While we beta test, you get all premium features for free!


Safety is our top priority. No harassment allowed!


Find people who love the same things you do.

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Know for sure your matches are real convention goers.


Only communicate with mutual matches. Block the creeps!

Frequently asked questions

What is Convexion?

Convexion is a dating app that aims to make dating at conventions, concerts, and events safer.

With other dating apps, you match with users based on proximity. This doesn’t always work well for conventions. You want to meet people at the convention, not someone who lives within a mile of the event. Dating other convention-goers allows you to enjoy the convention but also increases your safety because you can meet publicly in a safe, familiar space.

Convexion is in beta, but we’re working to make dating at conventions easier, more enjoyable, and safer.

How is Convexion a safer dating app?

Convexion requires users to take a photo of their convention badge or other proof they are attending the convention they have checked-into. These photos will appear in your matches’s photo scroll with a Convexion logo icon. If you don’t see a photo of your matches’ badge, don’t swipe right on them.

When you match with another convention-goer, you can meet at the convention where it’s safer and more familiar. Enjoy a panel together, get lunch at the food court, or enjoy a drink at the hotel bar. This is a lot better than wandering out into an unfamiliar city.

Remember: Do not match with users who do not have evidence of being at the convention, and do not meet with people outside of the convention.

Convexion is currently in beta, and we’re working on other features to help increase the safety of dating at conventions.

Is Convexion free?

Currently, Convexion is completely free.

We have plans to go with a freemium model that would include checking-into one convention per year. Upgrading to a higher plan would allow more conventions each year, and other benefits. We’ll notify members when we plan to switch to freemium, and it’s possible existing members might get a free upgrade. 🙂

If you’re wondering if Convexion will sell your data, we won’t:

What if I don’t have a badge?

If you check-in to a convention but don’t have a badge for your photo, don’t worry. You can take a photo with any piece of evidence that would convince someone you’re at the convention.

Other evidence could include:

  • A receipt or registration card
  • A convention booklet or magazine
  • A selfie in the registration line
  • A selfie inside the convention where only convention-goers can access

Remember: If users are not satisfied you’re at the convention, they won’t match with you.

How do I change my badge photo?

If you want to change your badge photo, navigate to the Conventions page. Then long press on the convention you’re checked into. There will be an option to take a new badge photo, or delete your check-in.

What happens if someone harasses me?

Our terms of service clearly state that harassment or other forms of abuse are not allowed.

If you are involved in a conversation within Convexion that becomes abusive, you can block the user from contacting you again from within the messaging center (click the circle and cross icon at the bottom). You can also report or flag users to bring them to our attention as well.

If a user harasses you outside of our app, please report them to convention security or the police. Please let us know through our website feedback form or by flagging the user in the app.

We will terminate service for any user we find to be abusive or disrespectful.

We’re in beta

That means we're building new features and fixing bugs. If you have feedback, requests, or comments, please let us know.

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